300 Tapes Finally.

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300 Tapes Finally.

Postby troylsmith21 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:53 pm

Its been a grind but I finally hit 300 live Hip Hop tapes from the Legends and Pioneers.

This is the last ten.

290- Grand Master Caz J.D.L. Stevie Dee and Busy Bee. Bronx River. 1982. (Note: Caz opens up to Silver Fox's "It's Your Rock." They rock their Notorious 2 routines. Caz does Yvette. Punk Rock Rap is coming out shortly. Dr. Shock is the D.J. Stevie Dee is rocking with a Rasta from Harlem World. Side B has Busy Bee at another location.)60min.

291- Cold Crush Brothers 6th Anniversary and The High Quality 4. 1985. Broadway RT Disco. Originally Broadway International. (Note: Baby Beat box was supposed to go on but Cold Crush starts as they celebrate their 6th anniversary and the Almighty KG opens to Michael Jacksons Billie Jean killing it. With a sore throat

Caz said,
“Like a Knight in shining armor
the Cold Crush I shall defend
through thick or thin
we will always win
because were our own best friend
some people think highly of us
but there are those who put us down
but jealousy don’t phase us
because the brothers run this town!

The Cold Crush rock the Weekend, Punk Rock Rap and Fresh Fly Wild and Bold. The High Quality 4 also call themselves Rock Master 4 are CR the Star, OG, St. Clair and Skip La Rock. They do routines off of Sucker M.C.’s, T Plays It Cool, Freak’s Come Out at Night and Ike’s Mood. On Ike’s Mood they sing in the routine.)60minutes.

292- Supreme Sounds D.J. Casino, D.J. Divine and the Infinity Machine 1979. Van Wyck Park (Note: D.J. Divine and M.C. Disco Kid starts to the record by GQ Disco Nights. Groovy Lou got the crowd rocking with him D.J. Hollywood style. D.J. Professor rocks the turntables and the Echo box. The Spank dance is out at this time. The crowd is strong with the call and response. They say 1978 more than once but the record Disco Nights came out in 1979. Easter Sunday is one week away. South Side Queens. The Infinity Machine Girls are in the house. Supreme Sounds D.J. Casino also gets on the turntables and kills Super Sperm. M.C. Wildcat gets on last.)60minutes.

293- RUNDMC, Grandmaster Dee, Ecstasy, Cliff Love, and Hurricane. Peoples Club in Paddington, London. 1986 (Note: The emcee’s are only free styling, no Hip Hop recordings being played. Only free style. With records like Funkadelic: You Will Like it Too. Funky Drummer, Dance to the Drummer Beat, Got to be Real, Pussy Footer, Apache. Run gives a few plugs to the Raising Hell album.) The Sindicate, D.J. Fingers and Cut Master Swift. Swiss Cottage, London 1988. (Note: Our European brothers overseas are about their business in London. The lead emcee Mc Noddy is calling for female emcees to come on to the stage to try the mic. A female comes to the stage and says, “It’s just an ugly bitch” and the crowd goes crazy. D.J. Fingers is on the turntables playing records like Gangster Boogie, Soul Power, Apache, Run Away, Keep your Distance, Catch a Groove, Ike’s Mood, Roxanne Shante “Have a Nice Day”, Sex Machine. There’s a call for security to the front of the stage as the host says, “Get this menace off the stage!” The emcee Sargent Rock has a fast rhyming flow. Supreme and Dave Cash and Cut Master Swift get on last. Cut Master Swift gets nasty with Blow your head.)60min.

294- Dota Rocks Birthday party. T Connection 1980. (Note: This party is connected to tape 66,103 and133. Dot does his rhyme, “Night to Night, Sun to Sun” and another rhyme about, “Leon Spinks and Muhammad Ali!” Dot dedicates Funky Drummer to the L Brothers. Dot rocks to Another One Bites the Dust adlibbing like Grand Master Caz as he gives props to the Fantastic Five. Grand Wizzard Theodore is cutting up Furious 5’s Freedom tight. Side B Raheem of theThe Force M.C.s of South Side Queens. D.J.s Kendo and Whiz Kid. (Note: Raheem gets on the mic for a short time as there are mic problems.. D.J. Kendo of The Infinity Machine starts first. Whiz Kid from uptown gets on after Kendo and it’s his show as he rocks Pussy Footer, EU Freeze, Pump me up, Bounce Rock Skate and others.)60mins.

295- Grand Master Flash, Soul Sonic Force, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Mantronix . London, England 1985. (Note: Grandmaster Flash and the crew do The Fastest Man rocking three turn tables. They also do Style and The Message with Kreole doing Mele Mel’s part. Larry’s Dance theme. Ikey Cee amps the crowd and gets down with Soul Sonic Force for Planet Rock and Looking for the Perfect Beat. Sir Mix a Lot does My Studio and Square Dance Rap. Sir Mix a Lot tells London, “You don’t have to be from New York to do this!” and kills a freestyle rhyme. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde ‎rock Genius Rap, A.M P.M. and Butt Naked. Steady B does Do the Fila. Mantronix does Needle to the Groove and Fresh is the word.)90min.

296- World Class Wreckin Cru, The Real Roxanne amd Word of Mouth with D.J. Cheese. London England, 1985. (Note: Part 2 of UK Fest. World Class Wreckin Cru does their record Surgery and the legendary Dr. Dre is rocking with them. The crowd goes berserk for The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee as they rock Bang Zoom and Romeo. Word of Mouth and D.J. Cheese do Coast to Coast and King Kut. I don’t know if its cheese but whoever is D.J.ing they are killing Pump me Up, Mardi Gras, Good Times and Six Minutes by Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew and the London crowd is loving it tremendously.)60min..

297- Red Alert 1986. WRKS KISS FM. (Note: If you have an affection for record labels like Fresh/ NIA/ Cutting/ Urban Rock or Def Jam, or DJ tricks like the helicopter effect, hopefully you'll appreciate and relish this selection from the mid-80s. The elements were cherry-picked from high quality broadcasts of the landmark radio show, from 1985 & 86 tapes. There is some truly basic mixing on display. It was 85 & 86, so expect some simple zigga-zig cuttin and some of those quick rubs that unapologetically went from one deck to the other when a mix was on its way out of sync. You know the type, we’ve all done em, when a blend was beginning to go off, and it's startin to sound like underfoot at the Kentucky Derby?! A mighty KISS FM sting over the intro of an exclusive track or the opening of that weeks' hot record, often took precedence over the small-print of how precisely it was blended. And these tapes are all about SELECTION! That's always been Reds way. A top choice selecta. When he tears up this set with silky mixing as well as the rugged raw scratchin, the iconic pioneer reminds us why he is commonly referred to as 'The Legendary Propmaster Kool DJ Red Alert'.

It's a snapshot of the DJ talent during the period too, as he was among the first to drop these embryonic Hip-Hop DJ styles during those 'Mastermix Weekends' on KISS. It's a bit primitive, and it's amazing for it. It still sounds fresh, and that makes it so dope to hear all these years later. The sounds were recorded onto chrome tapes, from arguably the most iconic radio station in New York City, 98.7 KISS FM. They've been digitally restored to hold on to the crispyness of the high quality tapes while capturing that low end. The original cassettes were recorded at a level that peaked a little but hopefully they now sound no more than suitably bass-heavy and have the right amount of that FM compression that makes Rap radio sound so crunchy and dope! On this recording, Red is joined in the studio by Prince Messiah who was answering the phones and taking dedications, and of course, the voice of choice, Fred 'Buggsy' Buggs. Buggsy reads the weather updates and the dedications, and even spits a couple of casual bars over some instrumental sections; 'Red cut the record down to the bone, Im Buggsy, im here on the microphone'.
The first hair-raising and heart-stirring moment of the 2 hour set comes when Red drops one of the finest examples of 80s Hip-Hop. Just-Ice, Put That Record Back On #goosebumpsfromthejump The beatbox classic is followed by the Undercover Lovers and then comes one of the most iconic radio stings in history. You may not know the name, but the sound of Select Records & UTFO producer Fred Munao dropping the quintessential squelchy voiced 'DJ Red Alert 98.7 Kiss Mastermix - Red Alert Goes Berserk' sounds as good as it did 30 years ago. Red rips through concrete-crushin classics from Schoolly D, Tragedy, Mantronix, Craig G, Stet, High Fidelity Three and a lot more. You'll get to hear some old Dana Dane, some Wayne & Charlie, and he even drops the Falco novelty record Rock Me Amadeus at one point. Scratchin them like his life depended on it! And watch out for those massive Spyder-D beats on Pretty Ricky & Boo-Ski, they are immense. You'll hear Red droppin doubles of Rock the Bells as well. In 2016, that sounds like old news, but these recordings are amongst some of the earliest documentation of ANY DJ doin doubles of the Def Jam classic.)60 mins. Thank you my brother Craig Ellis Leckie from across the water, thank you for the commentary and the music.

298- Red Alert 1986 WKRS KISS FM 1986. (Note: Part 2 Rock the Bells, Dollar Bill, P.S.K. What does it Mean, A.J. is Cool, Its Mine Pretty Ricky and Boo Ski, Charlie Brown Rap, Rock me Amadeus, and more.)60min

299- T La Rock, Dana Dane 1985.(Note: D.J. Louie Lou for T La Rock as he free styles and does Its Yours. D.J. J Rock for Dana Dane as he free styles and does Nightmares. Somebody stepped on the wire so Dana Dane had to start Nightmares over. Grand Master Vic for emcee Divine and Chilly Dee. Cypress Sounds in the house. Side B Whodini Dana Dane RUNDMC Birthday party for Black. Queens Club Encore. 1986 (Note: The Disco Fevers D.J. Star Child opens up with The Honey Drippers Impeach the President. Supreme and Fat Cat in the house. Grand Master Dee and Whodini rock Funky Beat. Dana Dane says his name is not Ricky Dee and rocks Nightmares a cappella style. RUNDMC rocks Tougher than Leather and My Adidas.)60Min Q8.

300- The Furious 5 with D.J. Disco Bee. Forces M.C.s Rock Master Scott Doug E. Fresh Slick Rick. Queens 1985. (Note: Melle Mel Cowboy and Scorpio rock with a band doing The Message, Pump it Up. Melle Mel calls Busy Bee the newest member of the Furious 5. Melle Mel introduces the crowd to a new dance called the Ghetto walk. They do White Lines. Melle Mel dedicates the next record to all the emcees including the ones they don’t like, Mel says and that’s all of them. Then they rock Step Off. On Bass guitar is a female name Liz and on the drums is Rich. The Force M.D.s start with Let me Love You. The Force also do rhymes and routines of their Hip Hop days. They also rock Itching for a Scratch and Tears. Rock Master Scott do Request Line. Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick do Treat em Like Prostitute.
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Re: 300 Tapes Finally.

Postby Arthur Burger » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:55 pm

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Re: 300 Tapes Finally.

Postby 5 Grand » Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:07 pm

Much respect Troy.

You have documented the old school for generations to come.

Just make sure you back up all your tapes on CD or on a hard drive. You should put them in a safe deposit box. It would be a shame to lose those tapes in a fire or a flood.
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