windwalkers, who wants to contest ?

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windwalkers, who wants to contest ?

Postby cedforge » Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:14 am

Hi there!
I’m new to the forum thank you for accepting me!
I’ve been working for 2 years now on a badass animated series called WINDWALKERS, which really need you today and that is why I’m writing here.
We receive so much proposals from composers for the music of WINDWALKERS that, even if we already work with the wonderful group STARWALKER composed by Jean-Benoit DUNKEL (from the former band AIR) and Bardi JOHANSSON, we decided to create a special contest to open the project to a new composer.

WINDWALKERS is based on the best selling sci-fi novel The Horde of the counterwind written by the French Alain Damasio (also author of the AAA video game Remember me).
On a world devastated by powerful winds, WINDWALKERS is the story of a group, trained and raised to oppose the winds and find their origin.
It is an epic action team story meant to touch our deepest essence, and remind us that to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY means to BE IN MOVEMENT and to BE CONNECTED.
Designed by stars from AVATAR, PACIFIC RIM, JUPITER ASCENDING, MATRIX, FINAL FANTASY, this independent project can only live with your help, to stay free and because it is
the purpose of the story: being connected, walking together!
Check it out on Kickstarter until July 1st

Here is how the contest works:
- Compose a music on our official trailer :
- Send it to us via the Kickstarter page ( message):
- Within 2 weeks (on June 22nd) we will publish the ones we prefer and let the public decide which one is the best!
- Don't forget to send your credits with the video!!

Hope you enjoy this contest.
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