A whole lot of Gemini's so Happy Birthday my people's.

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A whole lot of Gemini's so Happy Birthday my people's.

Postby troylsmith21 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:16 pm

Today: topp32 (44), Luke Duke (40), DaveL (40), Cold Chillin (24) Happy Birthday my brothers!

And my birthday was June 4th.

I am not big on the daily Zodiac like I once was but here goes some words on us Geminis

"Gemini is difficult to understand because it it too logical. Any partner must not be dull mentally. Because of its sensitive nervous system, Geminis subject to perversions, even sadism because of its lack of emotion and sympathy.

Having said this, Aquarius and Gemini are friends more than lovers. There's no problem for understanding each other. Both are unpredictable and tension is strong but workable.

No matter what happens to a Gemini/Aquarius relationship,
they will still remain friends even after a break-up.

Geminis love surprises and Aquarian can supply them. The only thing is that Aquarius loves to be alone at times and Gemini will have to leave them this freedom and not feel offended. They have to work at certain things and figure that it is wisest to be alone to do this.

HAVING SAID ALL THIS: it surprises me to see that Moon in Pisces shows the type of woman who attracts you. They should be romantic and emotional, or sensitive and passive.
You're a sucker for secret love affairs, and for people who need help or emotional support. Even if compassionate yourself, you will respond to women who are especially compassionate, caring, and selfless.
You may even be attracted to creative or imaginative women, like artists and poets; or to women who are psychics, sort of the old-fashion girl."
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