can we do this? 90's hip hop 12" list

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can we do this? 90's hip hop 12" list

Postby davidSK » Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:51 am

in ego trip's book of rap lists are listed 40 top rap 12"s from each year
but when you're done with them - i mean when you have all those that you like from each year then what?
of course i have also others that never got into the list, but there is many more that i could have forgot or don't know yet
i'm not talking about some crazy rare underground stuff that someone has as a secret,
i mean just a list of good records that somehow got lost
for a long time i'm trying to find something like that

do you know a place where i can find a list like that?

or - is anyone else interested helping me with doing a list that will continue each year from place 41, 42....
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