"Purple Rain"- 25th Anniversary

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Re: "Purple Rain"- 25th Anniversary

Postby 5 Grand » Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:54 pm

OK, Prince came out in 1978 and MJ came out in 1969. To be fair, let's compare the two from 1978 onwards.

While Michael had several classics like Off the Wall, Destiny, Triumph and Thriller. Prince recorded probably 3X as much material from 1978-2008. I'm sure if you went song-for-song from 1978 to 2008 Prince would have a much deeper catalog of classics.
5 Grand
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Re: "Purple Rain"- 25th Anniversary

Postby JayQuan » Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:02 pm

^No question on quantity. Mike is rumored to have 100 unreleased songs. Prince has more bootlegs floating around than that , and thousands in his vaults.Prince is a musician , Mike was much more of an entertainer. Both greats , but not to be compared^
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Re: "Purple Rain"- 25th Anniversary

Postby troylsmith21 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:14 pm

Here you go 5 Grand

Michael Jackson

* Got to Be There (1972)
* Ben (1972)
* Music & Me (1973)
* Forever, Michael (1975)
* Off the Wall (1979)
* Thriller (1982)
* Bad (1987)
* Dangerous (1991)
* HIStory (1995)
* Invincible (2001)

* 1978: For You
* 1979: Prince
* 1980: Dirty Mind
* 1981: Controversy
* 1982: 1999
* 1984: Purple Rain
* 1985: Around the World in a Day
* 1986: Parade
* 1987: Sign O' The Times
* 1988: Lovesexy
* 1991: Diamonds and Pearls
* 1992: Love Symbol
* 1994: Come
* 1994: The Black Album
* 1995: The Gold Experience
* 1996: Chaos And Disorder
* 1996: Emancipation
* 1999: Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
* 2001: The Rainbow Children
* 2004: Musicology
* 2006: 3121
* 2007: Planet Earth

Clearly Prince has more albums even if Jackson started out before him but is there substance in all those albums. Did Prince stop making favorable albums after Diamonds and Pearls? What album or year did he change his name to a symbol?

Micheal Jackson's sound also changed after Thriller. But many of his joints caught my attention still. Would people say during Princes peak he did better then Mike? I lost Prince after Boys and Girls although Diamonds and Pearls single had me a little bit.


What a weird, stupid, [for-better-or-worse] memorable day this one was. The only rational place my mind can go to, really, is comedy. Chris Rock has a routine which goes, and I’m paraphrasing up until the punchline, “Remember how back in the ‘eighties, you used to have all those arguments with your friends about who was better, Michael Jackson or Prince? ........ PRINCE WON!”

Chris Rock is something of a prophet, I guess, because today Michael Jackson is dead and Prince celebrates the 25th anniversary of his signature album, Purple Rain.

Seriously, how weird is that? Not that the two were necessarily rivals, but no other individual musicians dominated an era like those two did. In the minds of many, Prince and MJ are forever linked, the same way that the Stones and the Beatles, or Britney and Christina, are. (CHRISTINA WON!)

Every force has its equal. In this case, every Thriller has its Purple Rain. So now, on the date of the release of Purple Rain, when I’m all geared up to remember that album in writing, MJ up and dies? What’s happening here? One final shot across the bow from MJ? The universe itself struggling to achieve balance?

I can’t even think about it anymore. My mind is boggled. Let’s recalibrate our dials pointing towards the positive and try to get back to the matter at hand:

Purple Rain.

Purple Rain is one of the top ten albums of all time. On some days I’d call it the single best. The debate can continue on the other nine, but that tenth slot probably needs to go to Purple Rain. It’s got a unique, singular vision behind it, a vision so intense that it actually laid claim to an entire color of the rainbow. It’s very definitely the greatest strip club record of all time. (Suck on that, Nikki Sixx!) I could back up THAT argument all day, but probably shouldn’t. And besides that, there is nothing I can say about Purple Rain, the album, that hasn’t been said better elsewhere, most likely by ?uestlove.

Meanwhile, Purple Rain, the movie, isn’t on anybody’s top five MOVIES of all time (except maybe Jellybean Johnson’s), but in its own wonderful way, it’s a terrific viewing experience any time of day. You can get the DVD for cheap just about anywhere, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t. It sports the legitimate hilarity of Morris Day, the beauteosity of Appolonia, the scariness of Clarence Williams III, the greatest soundtrack of all time (excepting only The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly), and a truly bizarre self-revelatory performance by Prince which may or may not have anything to do with his actual inner life or personal history. We may never know. Prince don’t talk much.

This month’s SPIN Magazine has a cover story in oral-history format about the making of the movie – pretty much all the critical players are featured, with the notable absences of the Purple One himself and his eternal arch-foe Morris Day. It’s not nearly long enough for me, but it’s still pretty great. Check it out on the newsstands or at http://www.SPIN.com, where you can also download a free nine-track tribute album which is more than solid.

So maybe this weekend, while you’re listening and re-listening to Thriller on loop, throw some Purple Rain in there, just to liven things up again.

And also, if the elevator tries to break you down, you can always go crazy.
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Re: "Purple Rain"- 25th Anniversary

Postby DjReadyRed » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:38 am

This movie made me understand Prince just a lil better after seeing Purple Rain!
It become a favorite of mine till this day!

Back in the day! It seems that some of the mags of that time would pit Michael Jackson,Prince and Rick James together like a battle cover's would read Prince,Rick James or Michael Who's the best stuff like that I was seeing!

All three were unique and you really can't compare them in any way imo!

Everybody liked Mike
Ladies loved Prince
Hard cats liked Rick James
And anything you ever do I already did
Shoulda seen me rock the house when you was a kid!
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Re: "Purple Rain"- 25th Anniversary

Postby dankdaddy » Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:54 pm

DjReadyRed wrote:
Everybody liked Mike
Ladies loved Prince
Hard cats liked Rick James

Very well said. lol
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Re: "Purple Rain"- 25th Anniversary

Postby nyoldschool » Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:58 pm

"Purple Rain" was the first record I ever bought. I knew it was great as soon as I started playing it. I loved the album cover design also.
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