Drum Machines and where they were used

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Drum Machines and where they were used

Postby cutpurseboy » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:29 pm

I was having a discussion the other week about favourite Drum Machines and the tracks that used them. List in your comments the track and the drum machines that were used. I've posted in here because I don't want to be limited to 1986 as a cut off. But it will be nice to see which years had a preference, or which coast / country

Oberheim DMX

Run DMC - Sucker M.C.s (Krush-Groove 1)
World Class Wreckin Crew - World Class
Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock (Rap Mix)
Davy DMX - One For The Treble (Fresh)
Hashim - We're Rocking The Planet
Herbie Hancock - Rockit

Roland TR-808

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
Newcleus - Jam on It
The Unknown D.J - 808 Beats (Eight Hundred And Eight Beats) (Club Mix)
Hashim - We're Rocking The Planet
Knights of the Turntables - Fresh Mess
Original Concept - Knowledge Me
Cybotron - Clear
Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
MC ADE - How Much Can You Take
Too Short - Life Is...

Roland TR-909

Schoolly-D - Saturday Night! – The Album
Mantronix - The Album
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (someone on Discogs commented that a Roland TR-707 was used)

Linn Electronics Linn Drum

World Class Wrcekin Crew - The Cabbage Patch / The Fly?
Knights Of The Turntables ‎- Techno Scratch
Spyder-D - Placin’ The Beat

Emu Systems SP-1200

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (Album)
Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown (Album)
Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill (Album)
EPMD - Strictly Business (Album)
Nas - Illmatic (Album)

Roland TB-303

Ice-T - Reckless
Ice-T - Squeeze the Trigger
Original Concept - Knowledge Me

Roland CR-78

Just-Ice - Turbo Charged

Roland TR-606

Evette Money - Evette's Revenge
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