Kool Moe Dee Vs. Busy Bee Lyrics

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Kool Moe Dee Vs. Busy Bee Lyrics

Postby albinos » Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:25 am


Has anybody lyrics from this battle?
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Re: Kool Moe Dee Vs. Busy Bee Lyrics

Postby troylsmith21 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:25 pm

One two one two
Doing the do now
hold on Busy bee I don't mean to be bold
but put that ba diddy ba bulls--- on hold
we going to get right down to the nitty gritty
going to tell you a lil something why you ain't s---
ain't an m.c. jock that you don't hug
You even bit your name from the love bug
now to bite a n----- name is some low down s---
if you was money man you be counterfeit
i got to give it to you though you can rock
but everybody knows you are on the furious jock
and I remember busy from the olden times
when my man spoonie g use to sell you rhymes
remember that rhyme called ditty bon ditty
man G-- d--- that s--- was a pity
to hot to trot
here to rock the spot
Spoonie Gee rocked it
whether you liked it or not
he begged for the rhyme
asked for it twice
he said spoonie gee i will buy it at any price
when spoonie finally sold it oh what a relief
busy bee stole it like a f------ thief
came out rocking the party strong
got everybody thinking that that rhymes yours
every time I hear it I throw a fit
party after party the same ole s---
record after record
rhyme after rhyme
always want to know your zodiac sign
you change the s--- to the favorite jeans
come on busy bee tell me what does that mean
hold on brother man don't you say nothing
I'm not finish yet I got to tell you something
too hot to trot
I'm here to rock the spot
I'm going to rock your ass whether you like it or not

(L.A. Sunshine screams out, "he made it up today!")

I'll take your title right on the spot
how can I take a title you ain't got
you're not number one
you're not even the best
and you can't win no real m.c. contest
celebrity club and bulls--- like those
those the kind of stuff that everybody knows
celebrity club those the kind that you can win
it's all set up before we come in
but in a battle like this you know you lose
between me and you who do you think they will choose
well if you think it's you I got bad news
because to hear you name you going to hear some boo's
because your faking the funk
cause your faking the funk
and after the end of this rhyme you can call me uncle
Moe Dee rock shock the house
call me uncle
rock the house ya'll
like this ya'll
like this ya'll
like this a this
it's like this ya'll
now you popcorn peanut toy m.c.
never ever ever heard no rhymes like these
because my intent
from the time I send
is to say those rhymes that I invent
and for your pleasure
a rhyme you'll treasure
please don't try because you can't measure
the length or time
can't touch the rhyme
hip hop don't stop because you know I'm
an m.c. supreme
and I am one of a kind
if you search real hard
I am sure you'll find
ain't another m.c. who can rhyme like this
not your mother or father
aunt, brother or your sis
sit back and enjoy
don't try to bite
because it's very hard to say any rhyme I write
but do it like this (says it with emphasis.)
do it like that
concentrate real hard
and get the rhyme down pat
no matter how hard you try you'll see
you will get your mind in the mine
and can't say it like me
but you want to be
Busy want to be
and he know he want to be another Kool Moe Dee
so let's all chant
because you know you can't
everybody salute to the new m.c. champ
it's like this ya'll
like this ya'll
like his a this a like this ya'll
now that bob dity bob dang dang dang
sounds pretty good but it ain't know thing

Then Moe and L.A. go into the fast rhyming from their record New Rap Language

Treacherous Three as you can see
Special K, Sunshine and I'm Kool Moe Dee
signing off ya'll
signing off ya'll
from the south to the west to the east to the north
Busy Bee my man you know I went off
ah chill out
chill chill out
chill on out
chill out
chill a chill out
chill on out
Busy Bee
Busy Bee
busy bee
Busy Bee Star Ski
I'm Kool Moe Dee
the best m.c. and that's my trophy
chill out
chill a chill out
chill on out
chill out
chill a chill out
chill on out
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