Hollis Crew ‎– It's The Beat Need Help!

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Hollis Crew ‎– It's The Beat Need Help!

Postby albinos » Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:44 am


Anyones knows history of this track?

I heard recorded it by Douglas "Butter Love" Hayes and Terry "Cool Tee" Williams from The Afros and produced by RUN DMC.

I heard also, that recorded by RUN DMC under another name because they had problems with their record company.

This is short lyrics part:

"Hey, they used to call me Easy Dee
Cause I rapped on the mic so easily
But now they call me D.M.C"

Have you knows - Oldschool dudes - what the true is it?

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Re: Hollis Crew ‎– It's The Beat Need Help!

Postby Dubcha » Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:02 am

The lyrics you quoted are from the song "Hollis Crew" by Run DMC...Not to be confused with the song "It's the beat" BY the Hollis Crew.

Butter Love and Cool Tee were the MC's in the recording group The Hollis Crew, as you stated. But outside of the recording studio, Run DMC were part of 'The Hollis Crew', ie - them and their extended group of friends from Hollis, Queens.

Read the book 'Raising Hell' by Ronin Ro for more info.
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