Any Hip Hop tapes/recordings 1973-1977

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Any Hip Hop tapes/recordings 1973-1977

Postby TheAbstrakt » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:36 pm

Hi there,

I am very curious if anyone know/has any early recordings of Hip Hop prior to 1978. We all know 1978 to 1980 is pretty easy to get a hold on through the web. Thanks to Troy Smith and other collectors.

But as a Hip Hop fan I cannot stop searching until I have at least a copy of that holy gem. The foundation years of Hip Hop are for me very important. So if you know that there are tapes/recordings out there please let me know and if you want to share with the world please do so. Hip Hop is all about sharing the knowledge, so do not ask for money.

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Re: Any Hip Hop tapes/recordings 1973-1977

Postby DJ Twigt » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:09 pm

Grand Wizard Theodore and Mean Gene live on 3rd avenue Ballroom in 1977 (Note: The name and date of this tape says it all: this is hip hop history. Grand Wizard Theodore and his brother Mean Gene are playing some classic breaks like Apache and the Star Wars theme. Also many nursery rhymes. Dated 1977, this tape shows you the DNA of hip hop!Although this is a radio to speaker tape you would never know until the m.c. comes on. Theodore and his brother are cutting a lot of good records.)

Funky 4+1 and the Zulu nation 1981 123 park (note: there is about to be two different fights at this party. Africa Islam and Jazzy Jay are cutting and it is Breakouts birthday. They also rock Flash is on the beat box plate.)

Mr. Hyde, Mr. Bond, Star Child, D.J. Ronnie Green, D.J. Artie Art. 1977 at the Foster center. (Note: D.J. Artie Art is doing some great as well as Ronnie Green. I am not sure that’s the same Kool Kyle the Star Child, if it is he might not have reached puberty yet. He does rhymes pertaining to cartoon characters. Other then that they are playing some beautiful records such as Toys in the attic, Groove to get down, dance to drummers beat and others and they are using an echo chamber.)

D.J. Stevie Steve, Lil Rodney Cee and Lil Shot Gun. 1977 unknown location (Note: Rodney Cee is with his first D.J. Stevie Steve, before Rodney got down with Funky 4+1more. Many records are being played that I never heard. But one I recognized and have been looking for is the Smokin cheeba cheeba by Harlem Underground by the brother George Benson. As well as the Sing sing sing by Incredible Bongo Band.)
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