Founding Fathers

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Founding Fathers

Postby Yll Dalladaku » Tue May 06, 2014 4:14 pm

Hello everyone,I'm new here and this is my first topic.
And my question here is that "Should Dj's like the late Pete Dj Jones,Dj Hollywood,Master D,Grand Master Flowers and so on be considered as Founding Fathers,since their music were headed more to disco flavors?"
I don't want to put them down,I got mad respect for them and appreciate the contributions on improving music and pave the way for Hip Hop,I appreciate their contributions on improving devices and sound system,especially turntables,but Hip Hop is so much more than that.
Yll Dalladaku
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Re: Founding Fathers

Postby dj l-rock » Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:52 pm

They are founding fathers and they are the originators! and when I say this I am strictly speaking on DJING! which is a element that became a huge building block in the creation of hiphop culture down the line.

People are quick to say well that was DISCO... it's like attaching the name disco to something makes it less down by law... but then how would people explain "DISCO KING MARIO" a legend from the bronx that is highly respected by those within HIPHOP! also "THE BROTHERS DISCO" with breakout & baron.. also highly respected within HIPHOP.

Things get twisted when you add hiphop culture to the conversation!

People these days say REAL HIPHOP and they don't even refer to the culture.. all they are only talking about the music that people like DJ PREMIER produces. HIPHOP culture is not a MUSIC style.. you could listen to country music and still be down and represent HIPHOP CULTURE... and just to make the point clear.. you had GRAFFITI writers were basically PUNK ROCK KIDS but they were down with HIPHOP CULTURE.

The bottom line is the elements came together in the BRONX and a culture was born... but no one can deny the foundation as far as DJing goes... when cats like Pete DJ Jones & Grandmaster Flowers use to setup the equipment in the park and do their thang! that feeling, that energy of LOVE, PEACE, and HAVING FUN.. was definitely in the air.. even tho their was no name for it or a culture associated with it yet.

Graffiti was going on before there was a culture known as (the NAME) HIP-HOP
DJing was going on before there was a culture known as (the NAME ) HIP-HOP

Even with the DISCO aspect... there is a thin line with that... because we ain't talking the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER DISCO.. and when you talk about records like good times, got to be real, bra, love is the message (which to me is more philly soul than disco), frisco disco, sing sing, and a ton of other "DISCO" records than can be heard on many oldschool HIPHOP DJ's tapes from back in the days.

HIPHOP CULTURE started in the bronx and when the HIPHOP came to be the style of DJING changed! HERC, BAM, FLASH, THEODORE, etc. these cats took it to the next level and their was a culture than went along with it.... so when people say grandmaster flowers, pete dj jones, and a host of other cats are the foundation.. when they are talking strictly about "DJING" and the "DJ" (which is the main foundation of HIPHOP CULTURE) they are correct!

As far as HIPHOP culture that's another issue and people can argue about that all they want... because the average kid today thinks Lil Wanye, Nikki Minaj, Drake, Rick Ross, etc.. etc.. is HIP HOP.. so before a lot of cats down with the culture of hiphop try to write off the brothers that laid it down on the DJing tip before their was even name called HIPHOP.. they need to go check the suckers up on WORLDSTARHIPHOP and HOT97 the so called home of HIPHOP.

The cats that they write off as just being disco djs.. we're the first cats to have real systems, the first to hook up microphone mixers so you could rock off two turntables and more, the first to use multiple turntables, the first to mix two records on BEAT (making use of Beats Per Minute), as pete dj jones said in founding fathers.. scratching was what every dj did because that's what you had to do when you was trying to cue the records... so the technique of scratching goes back before people even knew how to actually make use of it.

I respect and learned from the side of Grandmaster Flowers, Pete DJ Jones, Frankie D from Marcy, Disco Twins, Infinity Machine, Count JC from Coney Island, DJ Hollywood, Disco Enforcers, etc.

As well as the Kool DJ Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Afrika Islam, DS-T, Grandwizard Theodore.

I'm a DJ first! then comes HIPHOP culture.

Most people don't even understand HIP-HOP!

I remember Afrika Bambaataa mentioning that he was DJing one time and somebody came up to him and asked when is he going to play some HIP-HOP... Bam looked at them and said I am playing HIP-HOP you fool! I guess some people assume HIP-HOP is only records produced by DJ PREMIER (and not dissing primo but a lot of people assume HIPHOP is the music.. when it aint) A DJ could be playing blue grass and it could be HIPHOP.. a DJ could be playing JAZZ and it could be HIPHOP.. and a DJ could be playing DISCO! and it could be HIPHOP.. because HIPHOP is the culture! and as long as the DJ playing the music is down with the culture of HIPHOP! whatever they play is HIP-HOP!
L-ROCK from Brooklyn
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Re: Founding Fathers

Postby Kid Sweet » Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:49 pm

I'm WAY late on this one. But as someone who was there from the beginning (even before the hottest thing on the streets was a 'Flash Tape'). I have to agree with L-Rock and add to it. If you have listened to what I like to call, not old-school but PRE-school rap, go listen real close to the music behind the CC4, Fantastic 5, Furious 5, Force Mc's, etc. The music and routines often came from rock music. The Force even used the Underdog cartoon theme! Then go back and look at any live footage, video or flyers you can find. How did the pre-school rappers dress? Just like the top rock groups (KISS, AeroSmith, etc.). When 'hip hop' was born, we didn't have radio or video stations (thats right no Mr Magic or Ralph McDaniels, no Hot Tracks either!!). The founders took every influence in their lives and turned it into a beautiful thing.

Hip Hop is the bastard child of all the cultures we grew up with in the Bronx and Harlem. And yes, the other boroughs soon followed. I believe that the broad appeal of this musical beast "we" created is because there is a Caribbean influence, an African-American influence, the early pervasive disco influence, a latin influence and even a rock influence, etc..

This all started with the DJ....
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