Stick Up Kids

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Stick Up Kids

Postby pove-one » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:22 pm

i remember one night, me and my boys getting geared up to go up town, forgot the place and see the cold crush live. we get there, they search us, we go in, were enjoying the music, having drinks and blunts as far as the eye can see. my boys made the mistake of wearing there gold chains that night, well after the show they went to the bathroom. yo, they came back out and told us they just got stuck up for there chains, well i don't have to tell you we got the hell of there. we got some more 40's rolled some more L's and got on the train back to BK. we laughed about all the way home and all that summer. its never cool to get robbed, but it was cool in a messed up way, we got stuck up at a Hip Hop jam, dam.
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Re: Stick Up Kids

Postby BixThaQuix » Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:06 am

Reminds me of Gang Starr's "just to get a rep".

He's at a party with his man, they got their eye on a gold chain that the next mans wearing, it looks big but they ain't starin....just thinking of a way and when to get the brother, they'll be long gone before the kid recovers....and back around the way he'll have he chain on his neck claiming respect just to get a rep
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