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Sweet G is on the way!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:58 am
by troylsmith21
Troy- How did you finally make it to the Disco Fever?

Sweet Gee- A friend of mine name Bull. God rest his soul, he was a big heavy set guy that drove a school bus for the school district. Him and I became friends after meeting on the hand ball court playing racquetball. This guy Bull was good friends with Allie Abbatiello which was Sal's father. Sal's Dad also owned a club called the Salt and Pepper where Bull use to hang out at a lot. So Bull took me under his wing because I was a younger kid to him and he use to take me around and introduce me to the right people.

Now how I got to The Fever Allie wanted to build a club to rival 371. But he wanted it to cater to the older crowd and that was because the Salt and Pepper had a lot of the Jazz artist that use to play there, Allie Moe himself was a trumpet player so he would join in and jam with them too. But he wanted a place where he could play Disco music and still cater to the older crowd. So there was a vacant building down the block from Salt and Pepper and he took it. Allie asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and I said yeah. Me and his nephew Johnny who was an electrician and sound man who did everything started building it with hammer and nail with me. I remember all the way to the day we were supposed to open we were still hampering nails into the wood panels coming up the stairs. So as people were getting ready to come in we were still putting the final touches on stuff. He asked me if I wanted to work there and I said sure, what can I do! He said what can you do? I told him I knew how to spin some records and this that and the other. He said well no we have a d.j. there was this white guy name Paul who was a top 30 spinner who use to spin at clubs downtown in Manhattan so they hired him to do that. So he said he just needed someone to run the place would I mind doing that? I said sure not a problem. At that time the manger that he put in place was Horace and another guy name Danny. I was like third in the line on managers more like the gopher in other words.

Troy- So how old where you at this time?

Sweet Gee- I was just out of Evander high school so I was about 19 years old.

Troy- So were you before you stepped into the Disco Fever?

Sweet Gee- No I had a little bit of equipment in my house and I played for myself. In school I basically trained classical music. Classical and opera. I sang opera. I sung at Carnegie hall. I also sung at the Metropolitan Opera, I went to Julliard for two years on a scholarship. That was my genre, vocals was my thing. A funny story how I met Sal and this was before The Fever. Sal was running a club in Westchester called the Milky Way, which was basically a white club. So they was having a Gong Show up there in this club. First place was $500 and a membership to this Westchester country club. Allie heard me sing so he said I should go up there and see if I can win. I go up there and I actually win, but because the Westchester country club was basically a white club I had to take second place. Sal said look G you won the thing but I can't give it to you. I said what do you mean I can't win, I won its mine! No you would never get into Westchester country club! But when he explained it to me I said yeah okay I'll take second place. But at least you know I won. He said yeah you won fair and square. So that was how me and Sal met, then we became friends from there and the Fever and so forth and him managing me and me working for him, it worked out okay.

Troy- I know you like the Opera and Classical music but did you also like the Hip Hop music that was coming on the scene when Herc, Mean Gene and Flash were playing?

Sweet Gee- I liked it but I didn't think I would get involved with it. It was a genre that I thought and I guess hundreds of other people thought that it was going to be a fad! Here today gone tomorrow. But like I said I enjoyed listening to it, I had different people that I listened to. It was a good style of music, but just in that point of time because of me being classically trained it wasn't for me.