check out the old school hip hop detective comic

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check out the old school hip hop detective comic

Postby romeorock » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:42 pm

check out the old school hip hop detective at


In 1984, our hero, B-Boy JAMES LEE BOOGALOO fell into a coma after breakdancing on radioactive cardboard behind a chemical plant. He awkened in 1995, 11 years later with the ability to stretch his body to amazing lengths, and also to find out his evil brother ICE TRE' has taken over the city as an infamous gangsta rapper with superpowers. BOOGALOO only has one course of action to stop his brother - he has to join the police force.

Now, it is the present day, and DETECTIVE BOOGALOO and his associates must bring BLING CITY and hip-hop back from evil, and thwart ICE TRE' once and for all.

The Long Arms of the Law have returned, and remember - there's no such thing as halfway crooks!
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