A Hip Hop Love Story

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A Hip Hop Love Story

Postby romeorock » Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:42 am

Published: July 12, 2010
Da Emazing One

Bust this! I’m sure you’ve heard somebody that’s way into Hip Hop say, “I just love Hip-Hop!” If you have, then allow me to ask you this, when do you think it’s a good time to question their so called love for Hip Hop?

You see, I’m talking about all those who claim to love Hip Hop, from the B-Boys and B-Girls to the Hip Hop Superstars. What made me think about this particular subject are the old school musical artists that are still performing today such as; Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Herbie Hancock, The Rolling Stones , Patti Labelle, Bruce Springsteen, and even Earth, Wind and Fire.

Now I know that there are some of us who are saying “why don’t they just go somewhere and retire?” Maybe they can’t, or maybe they won’t, or maybe they feel that they don’t have to.

See, it is highly evident that they do what they do because they LOVE it. They create and perform out of pure love for music, it’s a relationship that no man or woman can destroy. One can even call it a love story.

I mean think about it for a second, Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stones are 60 plus years old and they’re still selling out venues with their old school tunes to the young as well as the old. Which in turn is accepted as normal. However, when it comes to Hip Hop music, it seems that we have this phantom rule that states, “if and when we turn 40 years old, we need to quit the writing of the rhymes and the back-spinning of the wax.”

If you truly love Hip Hop, there’s no such thing as quitting the back-spinning of the records and the writing of the rhymes. It is all suppose to be done out of love for the Hip Hop culture. So who the hell are you to tell someone who still loves Hip Hop to quit what they do best?

What I feel is that, the only time one should quit any of the four elements of Hip Hop is when they no longer can uphold their style. I’ve had some guys advised me to never get married, I ask them “why? don’t you love your wife anymore?” Most can’t answer the question, but the others straight up say to me “No!” Either the ideal of marriage wasn’t what they thought it would be or the passion for their significant other died without warning.

So if you say that you love Hip Hop, you are tellin’ the world that you have done your research about its lifestyle and the culture. You’re tellin’ the world the ideal of the Hip Hop culture is what you are aware of. No man or woman can destroy the passion you now have for the Hip Hop culture. One can even call it a love story.

What I’ve personally learned in life is that, there are some power mongers on this earth with the constant hunt for the ultimate power. Hence the reason for the birth of the words, atomic and nuclear, which of course you know are both man made. However, what they don’t know is what you need to know, and what I feel everyone should know is that the ultimate power has always and forever been within ourselves.

You see, to me without a doubt the most powerful force on this earth is love.

So if ever you say the words “I love Hip Hop”, always be sure and understand what you truly mean by it. Did you say the words with passion or did you say them in passing?

To the B-Boys and B-Girls, the relationship your body has with the floor can tell all of us how much you love Hip Hop.

To the Graff Writers, the relationship your vision has with a surface will tell all of us how much you love Hip Hop.

To the DJs, the relationship your ears have with sounds can always tell all of us how much you love Hip Hop.

To the Emcees, the relationship your voice have with words will tell anybody how much you love Hip Hop.

So can any of you call your relationship with Hip Hop culture a love story?
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