the top ten worst m.c.s

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Re: the top ten worst m.c.s

Postby kool_rock_ski » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:27 am

dankdaddy wrote:
WHOA!!!! whodini? doug e fresh?!

this is madness!

IMO an "M.C." is a master of ceremony. The dude hosting the party and making sure everyone is having a good time. (not to be confused with "rapper")

So as far as MCing, Doug E Fresh would be in my top 10 of all time. That guy knows how to rock a party!!!! they don't call him the greatest entertainer for nothing!

doug e fresh had shown average rapping skill, which definitely is not a bad thing considering that nowadays that theres so many sucker mc's going way below the standard, and it IS the super standard cadence from 1979, and hes actually doing it justice, that and teh fact that he is a dope ass beatboxer to boot
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Re: the top ten worst m.c.s

Postby JahBrown » Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:01 am

1. Gigaloo Tony
2. Too Short
3. Rick Ross
4. Grand Daddy I.U.
5. Everlast
6. Larry Larr
7. Jalil (from Whodini)
8. Derek B
9. Sen Dog (from Cypress Hill)
10. Mack 10
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Re: the top ten worst m.c.s

Postby WARABAD 7 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:12 pm

This is personal opinion. I know that number two is going to get me some flak but if 2Pac is up there then Guru is up there. BTW, even though most of these guys were lyrically and weak, they had much style or charisma that got them over. Here we

1. Eazy-E
That voice and the lame flow...he was trash on the mike. Al throughout his career. Remember his verse with Bone.

2. Guru
I could never understand how Primo gave him some of those beats. He rocked a few...but he would drop the flow on me too much and kill the verse that had potential.

3. U-God
(I have no idea what he is ever talking about and if I did I am probably 95% that I would not care.) He is the weakest out of the Clan, and that is saying something, because Masta Killah is pretty weak. Still...that "Raw I'mma give to ya"..opening line was nasty.

4. Masta Killah
Killah may have had a line or two that was OK at best but, Triump was rocking until his verse slowed it and almost killed it. Rae and Ghost had to resurrect it.

5. W.C (m.A.A.d Circle Westside Connection)
He is the epitome of wackness. His look, his music, his voice, his dance, and I have never had the patience to sit through one of his verses.

6. Pete Nice
(I loved his style...a little, but he always..and I mean always spit weak verse. He should have never been handed the the microphone)

7. The Beastie Boys
Wack..all the way..all of them. I don't care if they are thought to be great. I like a few songs but, please fall back if Paul Revere was susposed to be lyrical. I always thought they they were a comedy hip-hop parody group

8. X-Clan
I can still hear dude saying "To the East my brother to the East". That was it for me.

9. Chuck D
I know...but the only song I like for him is Fight the Power. He was spitting on that...but otherwise, message aside, his flow was weak, voice killed me, and I never could really get past the horrible beats that sounded like fast noise instead break beats.

10. Sheek Louch
He swears he gets busy...I do not think I have ever heard him spit something I truly felt.

Dishonorable Mention
11. Memphis Bleek

....What is there to say. Jay new better than to put him on those posse cuts like Resevoir Dogs.
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