Old School Song Title...from 1984

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Old School Song Title...from 1984

Postby SanJoBoi » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:05 am

When I was a kid in San Jose, California in 1985 there was a song on a station called KSOL that used to play a song that began with an electronic intro kind of like a turn-table then someone saying, "ohhhhhh, booooi...." then a funkier intro after that, and the first lines being a male rapper, "people tell me, I'm..." and I can't remember the rest. Then the hook was something like, "every body's got the method. everybody's got the method". "Method" could also be "message" (I didn't speak English very well at the time). Anyway if anyone knows the title/track that would be amazing as any/all searches I have done over the years haven't produced much.
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