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Transcribing Old Hip Hop Songs on Genius

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:19 pm
by APH
Hi All,

I wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know of a hobby of mine that involves old school hip hop songs.

Firstly, I go by this handle "APH" and am longtime hip hop fan from the NYC area. I am more of a "golden age hip hop" fan but I like the earlier stuff and certainly appreciate the history behind it. As far as pre 1985 music, I especially like electro sound and am also a big fan of Whodini's first few records. My favorite mid 80s act would be Mikey D and The L.A. Posse; I am especially fond of Paul C. McKasty's production work.

As far as my hobby, it's more like a side project of late - I have been transcribing the lyrics to older hip hop songs on - I am a volunteer contributor and anyone can sign up and pitch in over there. Genius does not have a huge community of late 70s/early 80s rap fans, so while the site does have many contributors, this is one area they are lacking. First I'm trying to knock out this list: After those songs are complete, I'll move onto transcribing the Wild Style battles. One cool thing about is that they allow for the transcription and annotation of things like freestyles...So eventually I'll try to transcribe what's possible from old records and tapes - things that predate 1979... They already have some historical transcriptions, for instance Kool Moe Dee's lines that he used against Busy Bee at Harlem World in 1981: So feel free to check it out and join the effort if you're so inclined!