Von Harper(WBLS/Rip)

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Von Harper(WBLS/Rip)

Postby Mike Barnes » Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:22 pm

Von Harper was one of the luminary radio personalities on the New York city radio circuit during the 70's,thru the 2000's, Passed away last week, Von Harper's radio career started out on BLS during the mid 70's, Along with Von Harper being one of the co-owners of a very popular spot(Club), Called, "Leviticus", Which was

Located on 27thst and 6thave in Manhattan during the mid 70's to mid 80's, The Co-owners that Von Harper was down with were a dance promotion crew called, "The Best of Friends", Who were one of the top Dance music promotion party crews in New York city during the 70's and 80's, Along with M.Morton Hall, The

Dow Twins, Mike Stone, Gene Pendergrass, Elmo the Magic Christian, Etc, Von Harper was also very well known on the New York city basketball circuit during the 1960's via Von Harper playing for Boys High in Brooklyn during the early 60's and Syracuse University during the mid to late 60's with Dave Bing(Syracuse

Great), And Current Syracuse head Coach Jim Bohiem), On the low, Von Harper was also in the video, "Music Maestro", By B-Fats from uptown/Drew Hamilton Projects in Harlem on 143rdst and 7thave).

Much Respect
Mike Barnes

"Music Maestro", By B-Fats(1989)

Von Harper is the cat saying the lines, "It is now time for a superstar", In the, "Music Maestro', Video with B-Fats from 1989.
Mike Barnes
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Re: Von Harper(WBLS/Rip)

Postby shbzz7 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:25 pm

Soft & Warm...the Quiet Storm.

Good nite sir and rest well :-(
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