DJ Emulate & The Air Prince MCs - GOAT hip hop group?

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DJ Emulate & The Air Prince MCs - GOAT hip hop group?

Postby Andre Jaackson » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:29 am

DJ Emulate & The Air Prince MCs were an American hip-hop group that lasted from 1984 to 1990. The group consisted of producer Allah bin Sallam du Mohah (better known by his stage name DJ Emulate) and rappers The Messenger Squire, Zen Masta DizzyBlu, Holy-Scripturez and Generator, who is the younger brother of renowned New York rapper Rakim. The group's founding member, East Coast rapper Storm Thunder Infinity was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1985.

Despite having never achieved mainstream success, the collective was regarded as a supergroup within the underground hip-hop community and their 1987 independently released studio album 'C.O.P. Tha Power Is Ours' has since received great critical acclaim being repeatedly named as one of the best hip-hop albums of all time by magazines such as XXL and The Source.

Outside of the group The Air Prince MCs have collaborated with the likes of Mos Def and LL Cool J. DJ Emulate meanwhile has produced singles for rappers such as Kurupt and Talib Kweli. The songs of the group have been sampled and referenced numerous times thoughout the 1990s and 2000s by hip-hop and contemporary R&B artists most notably by Big Daddy Kane and MF Doom who has constantly named the group as being his biggest influence.

To this day the group's discography is very rare being only available on vinyl and their catalog has not been reissued since 1991. In late 2014 members of The Air Prince MCs spoke out publicly on their distaste of the modern music industry as well as the current state of political affairs and the power of social media. Rapper and philosopher KRS-One has been quoted as saying that "hip-hop not just as music but as a culture would not be where it is today if it weren't for DJ Emulate & The Air Prince MCs."
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