No One Can Do It Better (Expanded Edition) - The D.O.C.

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No One Can Do It Better (Expanded Edition) - The D.O.C.

Postby aaronk » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:05 pm

The D.O.C.'s classic album "No One Can Do It Better" is going to be reissued on June 3, 2016, including bonus tracks! For the first time on CD, we'll be able to get the original 12" mixes. The booklet includes new liner notes with quotes from the D.O.C. talking about the making of the album. Pre-order is currently available on Amazon.

Track list:
1. It's Funky Enough (4:29)
2. Mind Blowin' (3:35)
3. Lend Me An Ear (3:19)
4. Comm. Blues (2:17)
5. Let The Bass Go (3:41)
6. Beautiful But Deadly (5:11)
7. The D.O.C. And The Doctor (4:06)
8. No One Can Do It Better (4:49)
9. Whirlwind Pyramid (3:46)
10. Comm. 2 (1:19)
11. The Formula (4:11)
12. Portrait Of A Masterpiece (2:28)
13. The Grand Finale (4:39)
14. Mind Blowin' (Remix) (4:25)
15. The D.O.C. And The Doctor (Noisy Mix) (4:29)
16. The Formula (Funky FM Mix) (5:37)
17. It's Funky Enough (Acapella) (0:43)
18. It's Funky Enough (Instrumental) (4:22)
19. Somethingtabumpinyacar (3:22)
20. The Formula (Instrumental) (4:07)
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Re: No One Can Do It Better (Expanded Edition) - The D.O.C.

Postby cutpurseboy » Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:18 pm

Looks enticing but if you have the 12"s then nothing to tempt us to part with the cash
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Re: No One Can Do It Better (Expanded Edition) - The D.O.C.

Postby Simmo » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:23 pm

This is a great album.

I had the vinyl back in the day. Annoyingly I bought a CD copy a couple of years ago second hand, should have waited for this version.

Dre's production on this is amazing.
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