OldSchoolHipHop.Com Forum Rules

The Basics Rules of Behavior

Rule #1: Have Fun

Rule #2: Play Nice

Bad Rules of Behavior

It is the responsibility of each member of the message board to ensure that his/her posts and private messages do not contain any of the following content.

1. Racism/Sexism
2. Personal insults and attacks that are made with ill intent and do not contribute the discussions at hand. This includes comments on any personal aspect (race, country, religion, political affiliation, etc). This also includes attacking someone who attacked you. Report the post to a moderator or suffer the same consequences as the original poster.
3. Pornography or any sexual material
4. Profanity (bad language)
5. Hacking
6. Warez, Appz, Serialz, Crackz, etc
7. Illegal activities of any kind
8. Don't set up multiple accounts for yourself. This is unnecessary and is usually only to cause problems under the guise of anonymity.

How to Report A Post

If you feel a post is in violation of these rules, you can report it to the Admin Team by clicking the "Report This Post" icon (looks like an exclamation point) on the post. It will then be sent to the Admin Team for review and necessary action.

Warnings and Bans

Members violating the above rules will receive warnings and/or bans. Warnings remain on your account for 90 days. Multiple warnings within those 90 days will result in bans.

1 Warning = No Ban
2 Warnings (within 90 days) = One Day Ban
3 Warnings (within 90 days) = One Week Ban
4 Warnings (within 90 days) = One Month Ban
5 Warnings (within 90 days) = Lifetime Ban

If you receive a warning, you'll be notified by private message and it will be visible in your profile.

Final Comments

If there is a rule that you would like to see added or amended, please contact JohnG via private message with the details.